2018. szeptember 3., hétfő

Helsinki Design Week

The exhibition “Hungarian Designers in search of sustainability” curated by @fanny_fazekas fosters the international visibility of Hungarian designers. It presents over 25 fashion and product designers trying to reduce the impact of processes, invent sustainable innovations, change consumer behaviours and create a more sustainable way of living in the 21st century. Designers have revolutionary ideas and innovative solutions for the future, sometimes inspiring, sometimes confrontational. With the opportunity to demonstrate the new Hungarian design tendencies in Helsinki, this exhibition fosters the international visibility of the Hungarian designers and brings closer ethical, sustainable Hungarian brands you can really trust. 

#sustainablehungary #helsinkidesignweek#hdw2018 #misijadesign by @farkaspapeva @feszekreszek#feszekreszek #feszekreszekfurniture@hellobotanika #botanika#hungarianbrand #hungarianbrands

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